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Hi Everyone-happy fall migration. As some of you know, I am an avid bird photographer. I try to get out as often as possible to photograph our feathered friends, or try to anyway. Some of the birds are fairly cooperative and very approachable while others give me an attitude and turn their head away or their whole bodies or have the nerve to fly away. I can't tell you how many images I have of empty branches. It's fairly easy to identify birds that we see sideways or head-on. I started to clean up my hard drives and couldn't believe how many images of birds looking away or with their heads in the water or shots of butts I saved. I thought it might be fun to see how many images you could identify from the back (bird butts). As far as I know there is no field guide for butt shots-not yet anyway. HIT THE SLIDESHOW TAB IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER. EACH IMAGES WILL BE ON THE SCREEN FOR 4 SECONDS-THE BUTT SHOT FIRST,THE NEXT IMAGE WILL BE A MORE TRADITIONAL VIEW OF THE SAME BIRD. THEY ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER ALTHOUGH THE FIRST FEW ARE EASY. NO MUSIC FOR THIS ONE. HAVE FUN-LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. ALL IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHT BY HARRIS BROWN AND MAY NOT BE USED FOR ANY PURPOSE WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION.

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sharon furlong(non-registered)
Harris, this is butt-wonderful! i realized early on that because there was no eye to direct my own eye towards, i really focused on other aspects of the bird, and your photo. and there was so much to see and appreciate in legs, vents, underwings, backs and of course, butts!! i love your work: your photos are always so clear, so alive and so vibrant and the lighting is perfect. of course, i missed the music on this one, but really, it was just plain wonderful. thank you for clearing your hard drive and sharing these images. and yes, some of them were really hard to figure, like the ruddy duck and of course, the kirtland's and nashville.
What fun! I love the butts.

The Kirtlands and Nashville really got me. And palm, too...guess I'm dependent on the tail bobbing. I also really like the headless piping plover.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos in such a creative way.
John A McCarthy(non-registered)
Great photos as always, very entertaining. Keep the pictures coming. I look forward to seeing your photos.